Friday, February 22, 2008

Drugs And Alchoholism - Rehabilitation And Care

Being a kid is often tough. No one is really trying to argue against this. As much as the teenagers claim that no one really knows what they're going through, this is bogus. We were all there at one time in our lives. Maybe it was 10 years ago and maybe it was 30 years ago. The point is we do know the deal. Not that much has changed in regards to problems. Sure, now we have the Internet and cell phones, bla bla bla. However, the alcohol, drugs, sex and peer pressure have been around forever. We grappled with these issues just like teens do today. Sadly far too many children get involved with drugs and alcohol, as they have done for years. It's a nasty cycle that needs to end. Many of them don't even have real troubles. They're simply trying to be cool or fit in. Then before they know it, it's off to rehabilitation drugs programs. That's when reality really begins to kick in.

There are always new and improved rehabilitation drugs centers. You want to know why this is? It's obvious, right? Countless adults and juveniles need their assistance to get healthy again. One place that I felt was extra bad was Salem, Oregon. I spent a few years in this city while attending college in Portland. The youths seemed to really have issues with drugs and alcohol. Now, I do realize that this is everywhere, across the entire nation. However, this particular city was bad. They needed several rehabilitation drugs centers to deal. Or at least that's my opinion. I was able to come in contact with several teens through a volunteer program I was doing for school, and all eight of them were on drugs. They were receiving therapy for it from a rehab center. The odd part wasn't even that they were using. It was that they had no problems to grapple with. None that could be seen with the naked eye anyway. They all came from good upper-middle class homes with nice parents. No abuse or lack of love involved. They just decided to use drugs for the heck of it. That's pathetic! Anyway, I can't say that I felt sorry for a one of them. They were lame brats if you ask me.

People need to wake up! Check out the pros and cons of drugs. You may think there is a pro concerning the temporary high you receive, but can it even compare to the infinite cons? Do you really want to end up in a rehabilitation drugs center one day? Think about it!